About Our Team

Michael Frame

CEO and Founder

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Michael has always been a bit passionate when it comes to animals… whether it is his dog Jada or the furry friends he keeps as company (don’t judge!). Whenever and wherever he sees and opportunity for making lives easier and more navigable for pet owners, he is drawn with laser-light focus. Originally founding this company back in 2013, Michael takes charge of keeping the company on focus and his team energized so they can all take the next step in their business growth.

Evan Sigvaldsen

CTO and Co-Founder

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Definately a parrot guy, Evan has his roots in animals from his very birth! Responsible for putting together the technology that drives Friendlysniff towards its ever changing ultimate goal, Evan is the go to guy for digital marketing, cart management, and general numeral ‘dogity’ that is involved in the every day function of a business such as this. Always up for a challenge and an outdoor adventure, you will often find him exploring the outdoors with his friends who have dogs or other adventurous buddies.

Paula Frame


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Paula is by far one of the most productive, warm-hearted, and insightful individuals here at Friendlysniff. Responsible for ensuring that the logistics and fulfillment of our product is running smoothly, Paula oversees all the details of the delivery function of the business. She has a wonderful mind for customer service and always sees the many different ways we can create a more encouraging customer experience.  With a background in 4-Diamond Hotel service, our customers are lucky to have such a prepared woman at our helm! See More

Laura Frame


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When you need numbers crunched for tax season this is the girl you turn too! Laura is responsible for lining up all the numbers for the business in a way that makes every business owner happy. Laura Frame enjoys spending her time studying and expanding her skillset while pursuing her degree in accounting, and will be a great asset to the Friendlysniff team.